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About Us

In times of climate change and increasingly scarce resources, sustainable and responsible economic management plays an ever increasing role.

Nonetheless, your product quality obviously needs to remain at the usual standard. The quality of the raw material forms the base for a premium final product. Production method of raw materials is a crucial factor affecting the sustainability of your beer!

We love beer.

We love indulgence.

We love our craftsmanship.

At the same time, we are aware of our own responsibility to find progressive and sustainable entrepreneurial answers to the most urging issues of our time.
With slow MALTING ®, we pursue the ideas of sustainability and regional production and manufacturing of premium foodstuffs and apply them to the production of quality malts according to the principles of traditional craftsmanship.

We exclusively use regional raw materials and guarantee full transparency and binding quality standards. We produce small batches with steeping batches of 20 to 25 tons for which we exclusively use grains from regional growers. Due to our personal contact to the farmers, we can comply with your wishes regarding barley varieties.

We can malt extraordinary as well as traditional and historical barley varieties according to your wishes, conventionally or organically with significantly lower CO₂ emissions during transport.

Would you like to become our partner?

We love beer! We love indulgence! We love our craftmanship! Try our malt and contact us. We look forward to your inquiry.

slow MALTING ®

Quality takes time

We are a small medium-size company which has been producing premium malts for five generations.

In times of modern tower maltings with mainly huge batches, we are one of the last German malthouses producing in small units. Low green malt depth on the germination bed ensures even aeration, optimum spraying distribution of water on the green malt bed (moisture intake) and homogenous development of the green malt.

We allow the green malt the time it takes in order for you to be able to brew your best beer. This starts in the steeping tank. Depending on variety, we guarantee steeping times (wet steeping and dry steeping) between 30 and 45 hours, thus reaching low b-glucane content and optimum viscosity.

Our malthouse has both common malting systems, Lausmann and Saladin, available, thus enabling us to customize our products according to your demands and wishes. We guarantee germination periods of 5 to 7 days, thus providing you with a malt of optimum cytolytic and proteolytic degradation.

SLOW MALTED and of premium quality.

Transparency is at the core

Transparency during production and promotion of the regional supply chain are the key components of slow MALTING ®.

We exclusively process grains which have been grown within a beeline radius of 150km around our malthouse. Due to close co-operation with the growers, uninterrupted back-to-the-field tracing is ensured.

Our customers are granted the opportunity visit our malthouse and our grain producers at any time. On site, you can survey the respective crop. We invite our customers to accompany the malting process and to specify desired parameters.

For small breweries and craft brewers without their own laboratories, we additionally provide technological advice and analytical support.

Make sustainability visible on the outside

With slowMALTING ®, we want to contribute our share to more sustainability. Our malt production is focused on regionality.

Our customers have the opportunity to display this commitment to regionality and sustainability on their products. The copyright reserved slow MALTING ® logo can be used on your labels and for your marketing campaigns. Furthermore, advertising for the corresponding beers can be placed on the respective growers’ fields.

Become a part of the global trend towards more sustainability and regionality without having to make concessions regarding the quality standards of your beer.

slow MALTING ® is not a lip service but a direct contribution to active reduction of CO₂ emissions.


Do you have any further questions about slow MALTING ®?

The malting process has a major effect on beer quality. A malt which is homogenously modified and
and has a high enzyme content provides the base for any good beer.

Small batches and low green malt depth on the germination bed are characteristic for slow MALTING ®. Thus, our malts are of particular interest to small and medium-sized breweries as we can guarantee stable quality of our products due to the malting technology available.

We guarantee single batches or blends from a maximum of two silos. This is ideal for monobrews which can only be brewed with malt from one supplier due to silo capacity at the brewhouse. Our versatility in terms of germination and steeping times completes our overall package for the production of premium malts.

allows the malt the time it takes.

For malt production, we take our time. Sourcing our raw materials, short distances and direct contact
with the growers are our trademark.

We commit ourselves to exclusively use raw materials grown within a beeline radius of 150km around our malthouse. This can be enquired and viewed by our customers via audit at any time.

However, we save CO₂ not only during procurement.
In 2020, we have adopted a 10-year-plan which provides for step-by-step implementation of ecofriendly and energy efficient technology.

Next to surveying the required certifications and legal regulations, we regularly visit our growers and
maintain direct communication with them.

We monitor quality during cultivation and storage conditions during intermediate storage of the grain. Here, we focus on health maintenance, mainly prevention of storage damage.

Our suppliers are our capital. They are people who contribute their share to the products of malt and beer. We feel
obliged to them and their families.

This allows us to order barley varieties to be grown individually and customer-specific in small batches. We keep the supply chain short and support local businesses.
There is a bright range of advantages available to the slow MALTING ® customer. Next to the use of the logo on labels and for advertising campaigns, you can also advertise directly on the growers’ fields.

Our offer may also be used for corporate videos or social media campaigns. The malthouse is always accessible for visits and production supervision.



Organic farmer Robert Klüpfel

„Working in agricultural cycles, to produce the best result for the malthouse and our final customers regionally with modern machinery and a lot of dedication; for me, this is the future of farming. Therefore, I am a keen supporter of innovative projects such as slow MALTING ®.”

Master farmer Patrick Wolf

„Transparency during production of our foodstuffs is of particular importance to me. Continuous development of the agricultural enterprise which has been passed through generations is a renewed challenge every day. The co-operation with Schubert Malting enables me to regionally market my organic brewing barley.”

Bio KuH GbR Stefan Kaufmann and Michael Huth

"For 20 years, we as Bio-KuH GbR have been farming our land organically as a secondary occupation. We put great emphasis on regionality and „short pathways“ when marketing our products. We are
particularly pleased that with Mälzerei Schubert, we have found a strong partner who enables us to
extend this to the marketing of our brewing barley! Projects such as slow malting build the
foundation for a product which originates from “home” and tastes like it, too. - “Simply fine!“



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