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From the idea to the brand

If, on a rainy Sunday in February, you receive an email from a colleague who has unearthed a forgotten idea while sorting through his computer, you initially get very curious. It is all about more regional procurement of raw materials, transparency for the customer and self-set goals for the reduction of CO₂ emissions. Those were all topics which had been on my mind since I had joined the management a few months prior.

How can we as a medium-sized, traditional malthouse with high standards set by ourselves stand up to the big ones?! What can we do better? What do we do differently? What makes us special?

Now, quite a few answers to those questions were in front of me and during the next few weeks, developing the idea of slow MALTING ® in such a way that we could identify with it in our daily work came to us quite naturally.

Our first tentative insinuations towards our clients about designing the future business path to become more regional, transparent and sustainable were met with so much approval and support that the development of the idea into a brand steadily took shape. It seemed like we were voicing what many growers as well as customers already had at heart.

What was still missing? The concept was up; we were conscious of the support and demand from the breweries. A name was urgently required. slow MALTING ® seemed to perfectly describe the concept. And thanks to the enthusiasm of a graphic artist friend, designing a logo also came naturally. Now that the slow MALTING® banners are fluttering in the wind in front of our malthouse, we are proud to have realised our convictions and goals with such a likeable brand. Working on this project has been such a pleasure from day one and has brightened many a bleak day in the daily routine of a malthouse.

slow MALTING ® has brought us together as a team and has given us confidence to lead the company onwards to the next generations. Now we have to spread the idea: into the region, into the country.

The response to date has always been characterized by a return to what happens locally, what grows locally and maintains jobs locally. When driving through Lower Franconia in early summer past countless beautifully standing barley fields, when talking to the growers who know the soil of their fields inside out and who regard their work as their purpose in life; then we know that we are on the right path.

We love our work.

We love our craftsmanship.

We love beer.